The Wall Street Journal Test for 1/04/14

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Wall Street Journal

Today’s  “Wall Street Journal” test will have 2 parts. Part one will consist of all the facts that I have absorbed from reading the paper for over an hour without looking back at the paper  The 2nd part will occur right after I glance at the paper. Here goes part one (please also note my son’s drum playing in the background might be a distraction)

(1) Colleges need to lower cost and make modifications if they are to be viable in the future. This article stated that more classes should be taken online and there should be specific types of certificates for skills that are truly needed in the “real world” without having to receive a full diploma.

(2) Iraqi is trying to recapture 2 cities that were taken over by Sunni linked elements some tied to Al Queda groups in Syria.

(3) You shouldn’t invest in funds that have good returns over one year because they could easily fail in the next year but instead look to funds that have been consistently good for over 15 years.

(4) Peggy Noonan believes that the new mayor in NYC Bill De Blasio is way to the left and also will divide the city instead of unite it.  She uses statements made during his inauguration speech to support her argument.

(5) There was a strong case made for raising the minimum wage up to $15 an hour which included that we as citizens pay in taxes the government subsides employees who make subservient wages currently receive.

(6) The President is trying to get hi tech individuals to help advance government programs instead of relying on the agencies current staff to make those changes.

(7) The President has enacted 2 Executive Orders to prevent those with serious mental health issues from obtaining firearms. The NRA and other pro-gun groups have held back criticism of these actions till they see the fine print.

(8) President Obama’s agenda for the rest of his administration will have to be enacted very shortly if he is to get it passed by Congress. This is because Congress will soon be worry about the next election cycle instead of enacting legislation.

(9) The NFL is doing well with those that watch the event from their television screens but is having difficulty selling out tickets for the actual playoff games.  Some claim that it is because the schedule is put up too late while others say it is the cost of the tickets.


(1) How exciting it still is to become an American Citizen

(2) Many people from Hong Kong love to look at double decker buses

(3) There has been a crackdown in China of Meth labs and those that use these drugs

(4) U.S. car sales are the highest since 2007

(5) Egypt has had the largest crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood in recent time.

My head hurts I think it’s time for my nap or a cup of coffee.