Once Upon A Time

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DAD-  And that’s how Santa gets down the Chimney every night. Good night honey.

SALLY- One more story, one more please dad!!!!

DAD- Well okay but this is the last one.  Once upon a time a long time ago there lived a President in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue who was a Republican and everyone agreed was doing a swell job.

SALLY- Daddy I won’t a true story like Santa not a fairy tale!

DAD-  But it is a true story.

SALLY- Come on dad I’m not 3 years old anymore. Did MSNBC and CNN exist?

DAD– Well um…

SALLY – I’ll  just go to sleep. I think my tooth is loose and the really tooth fairy will come and give me a present. Good night dad.

DAD- Good night my too brilliant Sally.


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