Business Boycott

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Whether you’re from the right or left there have and will always be calls to boycott certain companies because of the “political stands” their corporate elite take but I wonder who it really hurts?  For these companies aren’t just made up of a few people but organizations of thousands who can share or detest the views of those “in control” and these individuals probably will be the ones that are cut if sales are hurt by said boycott.  I for one am guilty of boycotting certain products and services in the past because I tend to strongly disagree with those on top without looking at those trying to climb higher.  I’m still trying to rectify these thoughts because I want my hard earned $$’s going to those who don’t completely disagree with my morale positions. Yet maybe with this new philosophy I actually can get half baked … well maybe just a spoonful.

FOOTNOTE-  Don’t worry I’m not planning to join the drug culture just maybe the ice cream one.

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