DNA Killer

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2036-   It is our job to eliminate those who by their DNA will be a threat to our way of life. Some of our opponents call us DNA Killers but we believe we are essential in saving life’s.  For if we didn’t force those individuals to terminate their pregnancies their offspring’s would eventually kill many innocent people. We have allowed some to be born and monitored in the past but it’s basically been Russian Roulette where nurture usually isn’t able to overcame their killer instinct. So why should society take the chance with one individual who’s DNA has been proven to lead to murder in too many cases? Our goal is to actually eliminate this DNA model so we all have a better choice to live in peace and happiness. Then we can look for other’s with DNA’s that cause other problems in our society.

FOOTNOTE- Science can lead to eliminate people they deem a threat before they are even born

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