Steps Away

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I started out with the best intentions but little by little I was pulled away. My goal was to make this a better place and that is why I sought public office.  I fought for a policy I truly believed in with all my heart and soul. Yet to get to see that policy passed I had to take strong positions on other issues that I didn’t really know about or in someway actually disagreed with not to deep down inside. While I sincerely believed my opponent had good motives as well my “advisers” pulled me into the mud and once I was there even the cleanest shower couldn’t make me clean. I had spent so much time and $$’s (others as well) to get here and  the end my policy position didn’t matter just the ability to hold on to this cushion job. Until the voters realized my values were not steps away but miles from where I started and that is when public life ended while my good private life began.

FOOTNOTE- How many politicians have not had this ending they deserve.?

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