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I can’t  bend steel or leap tall buildings but a good friend of mine still claims I can be a Superhero and maybe I can in your life. For on this blog are posts that might just save a life or make one more livable.  With some really creative concepts and one’s that will put your humor bone in work out mode.  I don’t have the sexy voice that can turn a heart like Mr Iglesias (below) but I have the words that can make it beat stronger. Ideas that could produce millions or at least an extra dollar in one’s pocket.  Therefore I’m putting on my cape (hat in my case) and G-D willing launching the Bud Rebel Show. This way G-D willing my ideas will fly to a higher purpose even if my feet never leave the ground.



FOOTNOTE- My feet have left the ground but that took a bit more spirit …. and Jet Blue.


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