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I spend your money and it’s far from a crime.  You may not realize my power but in the end you all deposit with me.  You believe it’s free will that you buy that pack up gum, or that beautiful necklace for your loved one but who do you think really tells you which one to select?  Many might say I do what I want with my monies but that is because they have no idea of my influence.  For I make you feel that this product or service is just right for you even though there are many “you’s” out there.  Just in case you’re sure I don’t influence your decision check with your friend, loved one or group you belong to and see if we don’t match after all. You can rebel but trust me it’s even within that group that I control.   I am the woman or man behind the desk that makes sure it’s has the right color, look, smell so that you will be basically forced to pick it. Yes, I’m the marketing genius and I just legally picked your pocket again.

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