Going Against My Grain

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I’m caught in a dichotomy with two foundation principles one is the right to life and the other is the free marketplace where one will have to give.  For today there are people who can’t financial afford to fight a catastrophic illness that could take their life and for this reason I’m going to put my capitalist mind aside as I provide a bit of a socialist solution.  This solution will enable every person to have the means to have the necessary tools to stay afloat financially as well as with their heartbeat. Here are the key factors (below) that will enable this to occur.

(1) Every person would pay a small added tax that would be put in their own Catastrophic Illness Fund. If a person seeks to be excluded from such a tax they will pay a penalty.

(2) These funds would be automatically put through a private insurance company which could invest them in Federal Bonds to increase the amount in said account but couldn’t be diverted anywhere else.

(3) Additional funds for the Catastrophic Funds would be based on a small sales tax on items/services which have had a negative health influence on our society (ex Cigarettes, Sugar, Lard, Hang Gliding)

(4) If a person or their loved ones suffer from  G-D forbid a Catastrophic Illness they would only pay a token amount and the rest would be paid by the fund.

(5) In the case said individual doesn’t utilize these funds during their lifetime a portion of the savings will be given to their heirs as an inheritance or to pay for funeral expenses.


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