End of Government Shutdown

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I don’t own a crystal ball but still have only one vision on how this government shutdown ends.  This vision is not seen through glass but logic instead. The Democrats and President can’t concede or their base will be in uproar  throwing 2020 into the other parties victory column. Yet an executive order stating that the border in National Emergency won’t be declared until either the following scenarios (below) occur.  Then the President will divert monies to protect our border while he is challenged in the court till the 2020 election. The President in between will sign bills to restore full government funding and this battle will be dead center for the 2020 election.

(1) ONE TRAGEDY- Some public incident will propel the President to act as an illegal immigrant commits a heinous crime.

(2) DRUG BUST- A huge seizure of drugs followed by  a Presidential visit at said site will the impetus to demand action.

(3) NEW CARAVAN- As the group of illegal immigrants try to enter our country the President will say it’s time to act.

(4) COMBINATION- Maybe bits of the 4 scenarios will cause the President to commit to said action.

FOOTNOTE- G-D willing the tragedy occurs but with over 11 million illegal immigrants in the country would it really surprise us if it did?

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