Evil Needs

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For evil to come to power in whatever political form it takes it needs several poisonous ingredients for the people to absorb 1st. If taken in small doses they can actually be used to motivate for good in someway but when taken in large doses they create the hate those leaders need to turn individuals upside down.  Here are a few of the ingredients please make sure that you and your loved ones only take what is needed for growth not destruction.

(1) ENVY- It can be the fuel to get you moving to work when you don’t feel like getting out of bed, so you can prove something. Yet in large doses it can create great resentment for those that have to the point of stopping progress for all (Venzeula, Cuba, Soviet Union)

(2) FEAR- We should all be afraid of those that come to do us harm but when that fear is expanded to a whole group of people based on race, religion, ethnicity or political view point genocides of hate can occur (Nazi Germany, Pol Pot Regime, Syria, ISIS)

(3) VENGEANCE- Nobody should allow themselves to be stepped on but that doesn’t mean we step on the innocent without prejudice to avenge a “wrong doing”. When we dehumanize the victims of violence because of the end goal we end up with blood on all our hands. Military action might be called on but not genocide. (Complete list above)







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