Kavanaugh Caught

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Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing 1 Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing 2

The Democrats might have caught Supreme Court Nominee Kavanaugh but the only fish they’re pulling up is a bunch of dried weeds which just make them sink further down.  For just as we expect that justice will serve us not based on our race, religion, political view but the facts of the ground the American people seek the same integrity in picking our court nominee. The American people don’t want a nominee to be grilled because their faith or personal values might not be “accceptable” to the questionaire but asked questions based  on the way such a justice would come to a just decision.  Whether the individual is a liberal or conseravative is not the way our court system should run but whether the said individual stands for J Justice for all. Brett Kavanaugh has shown through his extensive work that he holds these truth’s to be so and any attempt to throw mud at him will make the Democrats look dirty as 2018 election comes to a head.

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