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One thing we should all learn from “Special Investigator/Prosecutors” from anyside is there should be limits to their power and monies. Or in common sense terms in the future Congress will probably pass another special person to investigate another administration and whether you will be for or against the selection I hope we can agree on these limits (below).

(1) QUARTERLY REPORTS- The Special Investigator/Prosecutor should have to produce quarterly reports that generally review what she/he has uncovered.

(2) MONEY & TIME LIMITS- Special Prosecutor/Investigators should be given no more then a year to  come up with their results of said investigation. If they feel they still need more time this would then have to be approved by the Congress a month or so in advance. Monies for said investigation should be limited to certain amount as well and if additional monies are needed should have to be approved by the Congress.

(3) TARGET- This investigation should have limits of where it can go to uncover information and not being looking under rocks that involve petty issues years ago or look at moon rocks just to get someone on earth.

(4) CONGRESSIONAL REVIEW- A bipartisan committee should be formed and meet in secret to discuss special counsel work on a more regular basis and have the power to stop the investigator when they might be going out of bounds of their investigation powers.

(5) SPECIAL COUNSEL EMPLOYEES- The special counsel must have a “fair representation” of the different political views working on the facts of the case not be tilted over the top by one view point. For example at least 1/3 of the investigators should be from the opposing side.

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