Great Yesterday

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Excited phone excited

Yesterday was as productive day as I’ve had in years.  Here are some of the achievements below that I’m jumping for joy on. G-D willing this streak will continue today!

(1) Over the 3,500 people had watched our latest video. Today it’s over 4000

(2) My newest product design for Minty Clean Bud Rebel Products has been approved on BUDREBELPRODUCTS.NET

(3)  Our out of this world T-Shirt design is also ready to go to the Printers.

(4) I sold one of my top customers a product I never thought they would put on their shelves.

(5) Distribution of one of my other products has gone smoother then expected

(6) A loved one who appeared gloomy is now happy again.

(7)  What appeared to be an extremely rude and hurtful comment was meant for another.


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