Fake News/Enemy of the People -Starts Wars ?

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President Trump Pennyslvania World War 1

One of those most provocative statements the President has made is call some in the media “Enemy of the People” and “that they can start wars” which before the condemnations occur the facts and questions should be stated. Here are just a few to consider.

(1) WORLD WAR I- Many historians have stated that American was drawn into the war by “Yellow Journalism”.

(2) VIETNAM WAR- The way the press covered the war helped see it spiral out of control and cause more death and destruction on both sides. Can anyone say that the Killing Fields might have grown peace instead if this didn’t occur?

(3) IRAQI WAR- Can you honestly say the coverage of this war compared to World War II didn’t effect the outcome and withdraw which led to a war with ISIS?

(4) RACIAL DIVIDE- Is the press making the story bigger then it truly is or is it just about right?

(5) OVER 90% – When over 90 % of the coverage of the current President is poor even as the economy as booming and the country is generally at peace be considered not divisive. Especially when the opposite occurred under the former President.

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