Babe & Clarabelle-PLEASE READ, SHARE & EAT

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Babe the blue ox Clarabelle

Dear Reader:

On behalf of Babe, Clarabelle, Bordon and a Rabbi near you we plead with you to try the new Impossible Burger that is coming to many a restaurant near you. Speaking for us 4 legged friends of course it will allow us to Moo a little longer and smell the grass but it also taste great! Even the Rabbi’s says this one you can have with cheese (well most some are still arguing). For as much as the Impossible Burger taste like it’s made out of our 4 legged derriere and other parts I can walk freely knowing it isn’t.  Impossible Burger finally a veggie burger that actually tastes like a burger not a bean. Try it, share it and continue to eat it.

With Hoofs & Blessing

Clarabelle, Babe, Borden and a Rabbi Near You

Impossible Burger 1  DOESN’T THAT LOOK GREAT!

FOOTNOTE- **** It’s the best slider I’ve ever eaten at White Castle with no side effects from my stomach to my Rabbi.

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