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Preparing dead body Tisha B'AV

I want to live forever but if there was a day I could choose in the calendar to kick the bucket this would probably be at the top of the list. Not today of course but the memorial of Tisha B Av when the people of my tribe should already be sad because it markd the date of the destruction of the holy temple.  A date where bad things have occurred throughout world history including the Spanish Inquistion and the start of World War I.  People are already in a state of mourning on such a date so I would just add another reason for some sadness.  Here are a few other dates (below) that  I ask G-D to consider but I pray this in many, many, many…………..moons to go.

(1) September 11TH- Another extremely sad date where fellow American’s death lead to the liberation of a country and people will have one more reason to cry.

(2) December 7th- It’s a date that will live in infamy and if I was to pass on such a date hopefully I won’t be forgotten.

(3) Yom Kippur- My date will continually remembered in a Shul near you.

(4) Halloween- Yes it’s creepy but sorta a cool day to hit the ground.

(5) Passover-  It might not be the nicest date to leave but I hope it will give the room to Pass- Over to the other side and not stay in-between

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