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It’s the 5th anniversary of “banned hugs” and is the world feeling any better?  Just to remind us of how we came to this important decision the “#MeToo Movement” was able to have the Supreme Court decide that hugging was a form of sexual harassment as Joan Beneath claimed that the hug she received was way to low and the court couldn’t find the exact spot where it would be acceptable to all.  Hugging is now banned on all public properties (with exemptions) and those seen performing the act have faced civil and criminal penalties even if it appeared to be consensual.  Let us look at the result of this decision (below).

(1) MORE ANIMAL ADOPTIONS– Hugging with dogs is still permissible in 48 states. California and NY are banning this form of “affection” it as well.

(2)  MALL VISITS & SHOPPING HAVE DECREASED RAPIDLY- Amazon might have been the impetus but who wants to lose their savings by an accidentally hug.

(3) INCREASE IN PETTY CRIMES –  It appears that if people can’t feel the affection in the public that they seek the attention other ways.

(4) HOTEL BUSINESS BOOMING – As the only industry exempt from this ban more people are spending extra time at these businesses.

(5) PSYCHIATRY CARE ON THE RISE-  Counseling of all forms is a rapidly growing business especially acting where self hugging is still permitted. 

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