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burst bubble

You’ve gone for your dream and it has blown up but do you have plans for the pop?  For not everything last for a lifetime and it’s important to know which ladder you seek to climb if you fall down a few steps. Here’s a basic outline of what I would do next if plans I’m working start to flounder or even if I decide to release the air.

(1) BUD REBEL RESTAURANT- I have a great concept restaurant that I believe needs testing in the real world and would love to formulate it with great talent.

(2) WEBSITE(S)- It might be time to look into seeing whether my conceptual ideas will fly on the internet.

(3) REAL ESTATE- If the right property became available who knows where it could take me.

(4) TEACHING- Maybe it’s time that my experience helps those growing up in the world and listen more carefully to the next generation.

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