Screamo WHY …. maybe

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Screamo 2 Screamo 1Across the White Water Tower 1

There was a time when lyrics were the key to the music you listened to for you wanted your audience to sing along not SCREAM.  Yet there is an underground movement of music that’s been running in this format for years and I think I figured out why this train continues to run. For when an individual sings in the screamo format any words can come out and nobody knows what the hell you are saying. You can rant about the machine, your parents, racism or even Oreo’s and nobody understands a damn thing you’re saying. This way you can truly be honest with your feelings out loud and won’t worry about what others thinks for nobody understands your pain or even your words. Screamo music it’s loud and rockin even if nobody else really understands and that’s good enough for me … I think.

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