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DNA test 23 & Me

My DNA went through the 23 & Me analysis and I think I found out more about them then me. Maybe I’m being a bit unfair for it’s great to have negative results when you go to the doctors office and also of course with DNA testing of diseases but after that I didn’t discover anything else that was truly revealing. It could be because my DNA is sorta boring no Christopher Columbus genes or the little guy from France who ruled the world but I would accept a 2nd string actor.  23 & Me sent me a whole bunch of data that I found absolutely useless and which I knew already such as Asparagus and urine, trust me it’s been tested.  23 and Me builds you up for this great presentation but if you’re like me you might as well just look at the curtain for the reveal is just a bunch of obvious strings.

FOOTNOTE- I’ll continue the search for who knows maybe there is some color in a string that is hidden below.

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