President’s Heat open up ThinkgPr

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President Trump 101 thinking-5

The President taking heat opens up thinking in ways our motors weren’t normally running. By not apologizing or rephrasing words attributed to him directly or indirectly they have us look at a subject in a way that we might not have seen. For example when he said there were good people on both sides in Charlottesville it had us w deeper minds thinking that could the taking down of historic monuments turn good people to stand with evil people and maybe more monuments would be more effective?  When it is reported that the President had derisive words for the nation of Haiti and those in Africa we again started pondering on a deeper level should we want unskilled labor to come to our country or those with higher degrees of learning. I understand for some this is a stretch and many including myself belief other more direct words would calm the waters but would those waters continue to be warm enough to turn our motors?

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