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Behind the Scenes 1behind the scenes

Today I received the scariest part of any project the expected budget!!! It wasn’t that scary but I like the drama. Yet it created enough fear to have me ask several questions (see below). I really believe the people that want to produce this project have great intentions but it’s frightening when this much capital is on the line and my reputation even I was working with the Pope.  Well maybe I’ll ask him in my next religion.

(1) Should we consider asking for capital from other sources to help reduce cost and offer friends and family new, exciting opportunities for success?
(2)  How do you see the 4 days of shooting ( various locations, what locations, time etc)?
(3) Since we are planning to sell this project to networks what additional legal expenses might we have to worry about?
(4) Since you believe in this project are you working at a lower cost then you would with another project? Please substantiate.
(5) Is the pilot being shot in a way that will be beneficial to my son’s musical aspirations.
(6) What are the realistic odds it will be picked up by a network or that these monies can be recouped in various other ways in case distribution deals (G-D forbid) don’t succeed?
(7) How can this pilot help the blog in the interim and more importantly the ideas on it?

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