H&M- What were you thinking?

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This has got to be the most bizarre ad campaign of our times? What advertising genius would think that it makes sense to put a sweatshirt that reads “coolest monkey in the jungle” on a young African American boy?  Did they believe someone would find this hip or funny?   Just curious how many people (maybe monkeys) were involved in thinking through this brainless act? The only way they could make this worse for themselves is if the boy was holding a banana.  H&M sure got the attention but you can bet it’s stock will feel the pinch.

Yet one act of even grand stupidity shouldn’t permanently damaged where thousands of people are working and up to now had quality clothes and image. They slipped on the peel but let’s let the monkeys at H&M who thought of this campaign slip into the jungle for the good of the rest of the people who work there.

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