Pharaoh & Tyrants of Today

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Moses & Pharoah  Kim Jung Un Iranian oppostiton Iranian Supreme Leader

It seems obvious today that Pharaoh should have given in to the frogs and locust before G-D  hit his people with the 8th plaque yet what about today’s despots? Don’t they realize that G-D isn’t on their side either.  Yes these individuals might not have G-D’s wrath burning down from hail above (for now) but the people and nations are starting to speak out in the name of G-D that freedom and justice is a universal right that they can’t dictate away. They might continue to survive for the short time but their reign of terror will end and they will face their own set of plaques if not on this level then the burning one they will be going to sooner then they think.

FOOTNOTE- There is free will to chance the ultimate path but watch you’re own plaques for they come with more pain ever time you try to ignore the previous one.

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