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Glued to T.V Glued to T.V 2

What are the shows from today and yesteryear that have you glued to your set/computer? They were the one’s you kept on your calendar even if you forgot to take out the trash and brush your teeth well at least some of your teeth.   Here’s a list of  a few shows (below) that I couldn’t get enough of and one that currently hypnotizes me today.

(1) Night Stalker- My younger days of monsters led me to this wild and crazy show.

(2) Alias– Loved the twist and turns.

(3) House of Cards- They got me on season one and I became a card shark at the end.

(4) Lost- My whole family couldn’t find their way out of this show.

(5) SNL (before 2016) – When Skits were truly funny and original instead of political and boring.

(5) Stranger Things- Is bizarre enough to have kept my interest

(6) Dark- I have one more episode before I put on the light. 

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