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I’m not going to deny that envy has a place in my heart but it’s causing me to pump into action not spiral out of control. For I’m truly happy that you’ve been this successful and recognize your wonderful achievements. True envy only feels us with bitterness which burns through any real chance of success and happiness.  Of course I might enjoy a step in that direction but your success motivates me to work a bit harder not try to take away from what you’ve achieved. It would be nice if I could have a trip in your car or walk behind your carpet but I’m willing to wait my turn even if it doesn’t come for years and years. I might think I could have thought of that or done that but those were empty thoughts while yours was action.  I have to learn to appreciate what G-D has given me rather then envy the success of others especially loved one. It may not be as big or bold as your achievements but they are mine geared to me in this period and that is something I’m very proud of.  So congratulations on your achievements and your ability to flaunt it a bit you deserve it more then me … at least until I earn mine.



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