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Have you ever lost an item and looked all over only to find it in an obvious place you believe you checked before?. You’ve truly given up hope of finding it and go on to another activity, then randomely check that obvious spot and it’s sitting right there looking at you and if it could laugh it would be cracking up. This happened to me today with my hat and it’s either a miracle that I found it or I need a stronger cup of coffee. Either way I thank G-D that this mystery was solved. Which brings me to one of the scariest mysteries of my life.
When my daughter was around 3 years old she was a missing. We had called her name and searched the entire house. The police arrived and helped with the search. I got down on my knees to pray by a dining room chair and their sleeping in such a chair laid my little angel. To this day nobody under 3 is allowed to sit in such chairs and when I lose an item I’m not afraid to ask for help from a higher authority.

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