Blackkklansman- Hidden

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Not to deep beneath the story of Blackkklansman is a message of hate! This movie had many a brilliant scene that turned into a hate fest for those who hold a different political viewpoint then Spike Lee.  Where he slowly starts stereotyping those who belief in the Republican principles as having a hidden KKK agenda. It’s a vile message that undermines all the good works this film could have done in building relationships not based on race or religion but what is in one’s heart. Another form of deception is the glorious picture it paints of the Black Panthers who spilled many blue blood (police officers) in real life.  Yet one wonders if the Oscar nominations wouldn’t have come out if this message of defaming the President and his supporters wasn’t so prevalent.  The KKK is a reprehensible organization that has to hide it’s vile content while this form of political bigotry is awarded many an award. Furthermore it appears Mr. Lee needs an update in his education as those who have been hiding under hoods and black faces come from the Democratic network in Virginia.

** 1/2 – Blackklansman-  The concept and drawing were brilliant too bad the various colors weren’t added.