Seen Naked and….

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We always had our special moments where you were naked to me and nobody else.  It was just in those moments in which we were so close that I didn’t believe anything could separate us. Maybe it was the way you held me or the way our threads were so close Then I was tossed away as if the moment meant nothing to you. Only to be picked up and used again day after day as I was just some rag. Excuse Me I’m your towel and I deserve a bit more respect don’t you think?

1st Porno- Doctor Prescribed

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Secret 1 Private 1

Today I saw my 1st Porno and the strange thing is it was doctor prescribed. A matter of fact we all looked at it together. For today the doctor looked at a party of my body that resembled too closely a part of the female anatomy to be within my of my own body. That is unless I’m changing within.  Not to fear though take a closer look at your vocal chords and I’m sure you’ll have the same experience.  Maybe it should be restricted for mature audiences and your E&T doctor.