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You’re more quiet then even normal. I don’t know if it is something I said or did but I haven’t heard a word from you in what appear to be days. I don’t know why you’re avoiding me like a ghost as well it’s sorta disconcerting.  No matter what I did I don’t deserve this silence treatment from you!  Oh I’m sorry I forgot you were dead.

Who Laughs?

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Laugh Track Bizzare

Last night I turned on a “comedy show” and wondered who actually laughs at these jokes?  For example here’s one joke that will haunt me forever  “I should have made waffles”. Trust me it wasn’t the delivery or antics with the line nor even the set up just this one line which had the audience cracking up. This made me think I’m really funny for I’ve actually said this line many a time but with no laughter it must be the audience.  Where can I find these bizarre people so I can have my own syndicated comedy?  Well at least I can top them “I should have made waffles with syrup”. I’m sure in some bizarre galaxy or laugh track it’s hysterical.

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