Avengers Endgame Didn’t start

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Avengers Endgame hasn’t even begun in my life. I know that I’m missing much but it’s just something I’ll probably have to regret.  For I started watching Avengers Infinity War just to get a taste and let’s say it didn’t last past the appetizer as the main course was on a different channel.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy Super Hero movies I just like them one at a time Spiderman, Dark Knight etc where characters can be fully devoured not clumped together as a left over soup. I even enjoy the silly one’s such as Guardians of The Galaxy but when everything is thrown together it feels like a Smorgasbord without any one item pulling you in too deeply. I’m going to try and understand the feelings a bit better as I go further back in this series but for now Avengers Endgames will not begin on my schedule as I go to an entirely different restaurant.

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