Murderer FREE

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I confessed and was found guilty of  the murders, and I am now free to walk the streets after one week of hard time.  Well my body is free but my mind is locked up for as long as I breathe on this earth. For even though the doctor proved that the murders were based on factors such as my DNA, mutations as well as body chemistry and was able to change my formula, I now have a weird feeling that I never felt before. Before this experimental treatment I was truly a different person who felt I should get what I want all the time immediately and with no remorse, now that person is as good as dead  A matter of fact this is the first I felt guilty about anything for such a long time. I guess that is part of my treatment that now enslaves my mind.  It cost soociety a great deal to treat those with damaged brains then leave us locked up for life.  My physical body is alive but my old mind has been executed and now a new being begins.

FOOTNOTE- If this was possible would you support it? It just might be….

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