Heard In A Dream

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This was a speech I heard in a dream and as such, some of the words have been changed because who fully remembers a dream let alone a speech but I think you’ll get the point. It happens at a party where this once very able-bodied woman who now has MS takes the microphone.

TRACIE- Yuh, Uh, don’t worry this is not how I speak at least for now. Yet don’t feel sorry for me as these are just phases of our life. While you in the audience might look at me and say I have some disability I see it as just a new phase. Yes, of course, I would do almost anything to get over this phase but it’s also given me a whole new perspective on this thing called life.  For, now not only can I smell the roses but don’t have to bend down to do so. While you might feel you’re looking from above I see a bright beautiful world I previously just walked over. So how is this a happy wedding speech? Life is going to bring challenges to this loving couple but if they can see it as phases in the clock well then time will keep running as fast as ever.  I guess it’s one perspective and as long as you’re looking for the sun then the clouds will never get too dark.  To the loving couple may this day continue to shine through all life cycles.

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