Haunted Smell

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It was the smell that kept me up at night and looking with fear under every crack and crevice. Out of the blue the smell would appear and it was too powerful to ignore.  Was it the Angel of Death looking for me or something that should have been buried away I don’t know all I know is I couldn’t shake it?  No perfume, Lysol or Odor Counteractant could keep the smell from reoccurring haunting me when I’d list expect it.  It could occur at the best restaurant or at the most beautiful getaway there was just no escape. That is until I got a permanent nose job that left it blocked for good. Now I’m at peace even if the world is bland…. wait what is that sound???

It Smells Machine

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It Smells

Let’s face it in your daily life some have forgotten their daily shower and/or cologne, that’s where “IT SMELLS MACHINE” sniffs in.  This machine will be able to tell those who have a bit too much odor that it is coming in their direction with  the right “smart message” you can direct.  For example in a professional setting it might say “there appears to be an offensive odor in five feet away” or the less professional setting “Is there a skunk in the house”.   “IT SMELLS MACHINE”  might not actually smell but will allow you to make sure that others know they do without being the voice that tells them. 

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