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Most dating sites try to match people up in the ideal situation when reality states relationships require work so why not start out that way?  DATEWORK.COM/APP is such a service where your 1st date will be at the work site. Whether it be volunteering at a soup kitchen or digging a ditch DATEWORK.COM/APP will make sure that your special person is there for you through the work time as well as the play time.  DATEWORK.COM/APP, for relationships that are meant to last must start out with the basics of working together. 


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Jacqueline Ades

It you’re the type of person who truly can’t get enough of one person then STALKERCONNECTIONS.COM is just right for you.  If 64,999 texts after one date isn’t enough then maybe you need another stalker in your life instead.  Created by Jacqueline Ades this is a website that will have you both bringing  knife’s to each other’s house and taking that bath in their tub to make sure they won’t forget you. STALKERCONNECTIONS.COM finally a connection between those psycho’s that will leave the rest of us sane.

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