Stormy Daniels- Will Only Bill Clinton- Donald Trump

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Sad Bill Clinton Donald Trump Sad

History could repeat itself and it will be a bonanza to President Trump’s popularity. For as in the case of President Clinton when the American people believe that some investigator is attacking the President on some personal sexual matters that President becomes more their President then ever before. A growing sympathy resides even in many of those that normally oppose the President for having an investigation that puts our country through the garbage over “sex matters”. Remember Bill Clinton lied about sexual misconduct that occurred with a young intern while he was in the White House and still the majority of American’s jumped to his defense.  While Donald Trump doesn’t have the political talents of Bill Clinton the American public will similar jump to his defense especially when this might have occured between consenting adults while he was a private citizen. So go ahead Mueller go down this root and President Trump will be sure to be in the White House for the next 6 1/2 years.