Friday the 13th – AWESOME!!!

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Confused Jason Friday the 13th 1

It’s Friday the 13th and it’s Awesome!  Don’t worry Jason we’re still scared of you, in the movies but in real life Friday the 13th should be a GREAT DAY! First of all it’s Friday enough of a great day that one of the most popular if not cheesy songs was made about it (see below but this is real Swiss) . Yet the lyrics are true “you’ve gotten through the weekdays now it’s time to have fun.”  Then to think that the 13th is evil when millions of people throughout the generations have celebrated this number with holiness and fun. Did the inventor of the evil Friday the 13th know about Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s or were they never invited to the party afterwards.  Friday the 13th needs a rewrite and may it start in your life today with knife’s that cut pie not …!

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