Trump 2024 !?

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Last night Former President Trump announced his run to regain office at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and if he keeps to that script the odds appear in his favor.  His focus of the speech was on the issues and not on himself.  It hit on all the accomplishments that occurred in his administration compared to the failures that occur today.  Yet what was key was that the speech was about a movement, not a man.  The question then is how this race will develop and whether President Trump can keep the focus on the bigger picture of the nation rather  then the person in the mirror.

Biden Feelings

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What matters most is how you feel.  Facts and reality will leave to the pundits but how can I feel your pain now? It can be a pain that a loved one brings or the weather it doesn’t I’m hear to smell your hair and make you feel all better.  Words really do hurt even more then sticks and stones  that some group like ISIS might bring and that is why I need your support. Truth is boring but feelings touch your heart. For I’m simple Joe Biden and I feel that I need to be your President even if the truth I really shouldn’t be.

Run Joe Run!

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I don’t support 95 % of Joe Biden’s policies and truly don’t want him elected President but I sure want him to run for it. Here are just a few reasons (below) I say “Run, Joe, Run”!

(1) ME MAYBE- We need to put a line between what is a bit weird maybe on the edge of creepy and  actually sexual harassment.  Joe Biden is just on the creepy side and that might scare individuals but not make them truly jump.

(2) OBAMA TRUTH-  Maybe some of the failings and scandals of the Obama Administration will be revealed when a white face is put on them (Genocide in Syria, Benghazi, Operation Fast & Furious,IRS Abuses, VA Hospital etc, etc, etc)

(3) BIDEN FAVORS– We might even learn how it literally pays $$$ to have a loved one in politics and the favors it truly shouldn’t bring.

(4) ATTACK LEFT- If there is any chance for Joe he’ll have to prove how those on the insane left are really nuts and how we can’t go that far even if you lean in that direction.

(5) HUMOR- Joe Biden’s “Oops” moments are hysterical and comedy needs a new twist.

Mueller Report – BREAKING NEWS

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3-22-19-6:31 PM – We have just obtained this confidential sheet (below) of the Mueller Report which shows the valuable information obtained over an 18 month period with an extensive group of legal experts. This incredible insightful report was formulated  for  $30,000,000 or so concerning Russian Collusion with the Trump Campaign.  As you can see another reason we should keep our own monies



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I’m coming to you Doctor because my previously physician was cold and blunt. Yes, I was able to lose weight because he put up barriers which wouldn’t allow those elements which caused me harm to get through. It’s also true that since he cut out some of the wasteful medicines I’ve saved monies and was able to earn extra income from my position.  I can’t deny that since I’ve seen him all those other foreign invaders to my body have also been substantially weakened.  Yet I need a doctor that has a more professional mannerism to them and will say the words I want to hear whether they are actually true or just a bit exaggerated.  Maybe I’m winning too much and need a break even I feel sick again.

FOOTNOTE- How many people do you know who seek such a doctor?


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If Buzzfeed story is correct then President Trump will be facing immediately impeachment. Buzzfeed has reported that Mueller Investigation has uncovered this picture of the real President Trump .  If correct this picture shows the President is an Alien which would prohibit from serving as President.  Leader of the House Nancy Pelosi has already started an investigation. Wait the Mueller team has denied the allegations. 

MSNBC has just received the following picture of  President Trump (below)from our reliable sources at Buzzfeed.  It is  clear signal that impeachment should be around the corner.  For the American people will not tolerate a President who is a vampire in the White House… we hope.

FOOTNOTE- Just in case there is a hater reading this blog post these stories are not true.

State Of Union Trump Way

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Mr. President let Speaker Of The House Nancy Pelosi eat her words and have “The State Of The Union” your way.  Send out all the invites to those dignitaries but make sure your deplorable s are in the audience as you rock the nation at the Capitol One Arena.  Of course you will have the standard statement but with a bit of your flair that the American people will love.  Here is just a few of the invites that I believe should go out.

(1) VETERANS-Individuals who were helped with the plan you put into action.

(2)  MINORITY BUSINESS OWNERS -From every different group ( Woman,  Hispanic, Orthodox Jews & Chinese American’s) so that the American people can see how the tax cuts and deregulation has helped this whole country.

(3) RIGHT TO TRY- Individuals who’s family has been touched by this important legalization.

(4) Members of DACA,  FAIR and those impacted by our illegal drug epidemic – This will give a face to those you are willing to give legal status to for the protection of our border and what the consequences are.

(4) ME- It would be nice to get an invite.

FOOTNOTE- This blog post has been sent to the White House!

Bob Mueller – President Trump Deposition- CAN’T RECALL

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Bob Mueller President Trump 101

President Trump should sit down and answer questions from Special Investigator Mueller but that doesn’t mean he has to remember the answers.  A matter of fact I’ve never heard anyone being tried for forgetfulness.  President Trump’s Lawyers should advise him if he feels  Mr. Mueller’s question are leading in one direction that not being sure of the answer might help lead better to his side. It might be difficult for the President who is so strong minded to take such a stance but when a dog goes on the attack it’s best not to give them something to bark about.

President Trump Resigns

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Breaking News 7 President Trump Helicopter

President Trump Helicopter 2


4/1/18- 8:18AM President Trump has resigned from the Presidency this morning stating “We were able to make this country great again with a booming economy that lifted all our people and build our defense like no other time in our recent history yet the fake media won’t give me any credit so they can see what happens when I’m not in the White House. I didn’t get paid for this work and it’s time I get back to the boardroom to earn monies for those that really appreciate my efforts. I effectively resign today. May G-D bless America.”

FOOTNOTE- The Brooklyn Bridge was just sold Jared Kushner.

Storm hits the Media

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Stormy Daniels 5 Scary storm 1

The storm clouds have finally hit the media and I’m not sure they’ll be clearing anytime soon. For even the toughest critics of the President felt the hyped of interview with Stormy Daniels was a bit rough on the Presidency as a whole with salacious spanking details we really didn’t have to know.  They have created a new sympathy for the President and his family including young Baron who was exposed to this raw details which many felt was done just to hurt Donald J. Trump’s reputation.  In return if a Fox every does come the public will not open the door because how many storms must you hype up before they actually get bit themselves.

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