The Last

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She was the last image I saw before I started this journey, and I didn’t even know her. Standing next to me in a nurse’s uniform she looked at me with angel eye’s and said, “It’s okay don’t be afraid” as I tried to mouth a response. I’m not even sure whether she was earthly or sent with a halo all I know is in the end I felt reassured of a new beginning as my eyes closed from this view for the last time. All those people I expected to be there were nowhere to be found even as my name was edged on Grauman’s theater.  I guess one can’t know who their last image will be I’m just hoping that this one is the same for those that are destined to walk these stairs. For now, I’m truly at peace even as I don’t know her name.

No Exit- Real Life

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For those who’ve lived through the “fight life” the fact of G-D is just a fact. For, suddenly out of the blue the one who has put up their fist (figuratively I hope) suddenly brings them down to make peace. Yet just a moment before you feel there is no way this ship can keep sailing without sinking further into the abyss. G-D can find a way to suddenly divert the pain and anger of a fight into a whole new storm or even bouts of pure sunlight. In the end, many a fight ends with the help of a divine referee.  Thank G-D.

Peaceful NOISE!!!

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It’s a beautiful peace EARLY spring morning and all I have on my mind is fried feathers. For this bird could meet his mate at another window preferable a different apartment complex. I know I should enjoy the sounds of the season but at this point all I want to hear is one 22 silence them forever. Okay maybe that’s a bit drastic but birdie can you give it a break for an hour maybe two P-L-E-A-S-E.  Then we all can enjoy a beautiful peaceful spring day instead of one full tweet, tweet, tweet…. you get the point.

Heaven Discovered

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1/20/36 – 10AM- The Musk Space Module has proven that heaven exist after it’s journey through Black Hole J.  DNA samples of previously exhumed bodies have matched the human’s living on this earth type system.  The Musk Space Module could only conquer the atmosphere for 18 minutes before it com-busted in a burst of flames. Even though scientist had recently developed a hypothesis on what they would find with this journey to see it in the real world takes us to a whole different realm of existence. A realm which we have never been to before.

1/21/36- 10AM – After the discovery of “heaven” Church’s, Synagogues, Mosques and other places of worship have been full as people want to know more about whether their own particular faith will be able to take such a journey. There appears also to be a charity boom as individuals give up many of their possessions to help those less fortunate and work to help those in need maybe as an effort to insure their own journey.  Heaven seems like many galaxies away but now that it has been discovered people are bringing it home… at least today.

FOOTNOTE- What do you believe would occur if and or when this discovery is made?