A..hole QUOTA

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Waiting in Line

The next time an A..hole enters your life make sure they make an appointment.  That’s right you need to set a quota of how many A…holes you allow in your life at one time. I guess it depends how much free time you have and how big they are one whether you can fit them in for an appointment after 5 pM or a short visit during the day.  Of course with our schedule for A…holes we need our 2 week vacations but even on a vacation I’m sure we’ll allow one to slip in for a short visit.   A…hole Appointments allow people to be who they really want to be with out making you one yourself.

Absurdly… Offensive?

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Black Humor Black Humor 4

These jokes are patently offensive (above & below) but will they become the next victim of the P.C police? I offended myself by putting them up because they can “hurt” unless you understand that they are meant not to but reach for a funny bone where it couldn’t easily be found. Yes, those around us who are hateful might use them in their vile rhetoric but could others full of love make such jokes as well without being added to their list?  Should “jokes” be banned because they’re over the top or because they’re truly not funny? I guess in the end it depends who is telling them, where they are told, and what is the true intention? For that reason maybe let our funny bone be free to laugh at what it wants and let our legs walk out when it’s not moving.

dark humor 10 dark humor 7

FOOTNOTE–   I apologize in advance if anyone is hurt by this humor or if anyone laughed and felt they shouldn’t.  You can laugh though because I’m the one telling the jokes and my heart is truly full of love even if these “jokes” are full of laughs.