Met’s May World Series

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As a loyal Met’s Fan I’d like the MLB to end the season not in October but May. May is the perfect time of the year  it’s not too cold and my team is very hot.  Once you get into June or July well the weather is just a bit too hot for fans especially those that shout M-E-T-S and by August the hot weather usually freezes us as a whole.  For let’s face it if May was the end of the season we  M-E-T-S fans  would sing a different tune “My Entire Team Succeeds” as we’d have more World Series Wins then the Yankee’s and Red Sox combined.  Yet October usually leads us to often to say the other S but G-D willing this 10 will feel like 5 again this year.

Met’s Fan- Dream Night

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Met's best Start Yankees Red Sox 2

WARNING– Cruel to fellow NY er’s

Last night was a dream night for any real Met fan for not only is our team off to the best start in franchise history but the Yankees got blasted by the Red Sox 14-1.  That’s right any real true Blue and Orange Met fan wants the Yankees to lose almost as much as the Met’s to win. Our rivalry across the subway platform goes back to the beginning of beloved Met’s when Yankee fans were less then kind at our baby years.  We continue this tradition for at least a one day gloat knowing history has not been kind as the season’s come to end.  It might not be nice but us Met’s fans are tickling with happiness and laughter after last nights result.