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Before you pass judgement ask yourself what line would you cross?Would you so easily pass judgement if  it was you’re own family that was barely able to make ends meet after you served the community with your life on the line everyday? Would you really be so high and mighty when someone asked you to look the other way and sometimes their way? When just “helping a friend” helps your entire family would your lines become crossed for good.  Yes, I’m addicted to the money for those needs have been met for many a lifetime but once you’ve started betraying your lines you become hooked and there is no going back to the decent, respectful life.  If only I stood that line in the beginning instead of watching others sniff it away.

Giving $$’s Away

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Money falling from sky money

Nobody wants you to be wealthier then I do. For I don’t want to die with it so I’m willing to give $$’s away … to those who truly earn it!   So if you are truly really willing to work your butt off and have the skills to pursue one or more of the goals I have listed on these block pages then I’m happy to have you share a bit more in the wealth. Some might saying I’m dreaming but I hope I’m not the only one. For I know a good individual(s) can help build success and if they bring success to me I’d like to double it for them.   I’ve searched for these individuals in the past now it’s up to you to search for me and my goals for $$ really can come from heaven or my pockets.

FOOTNOTE- Remember the proof is not in words but in ACTION!!!

Plastics in the 60’s Lithium Today

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Lithium Money falling from sky

Just replace this scene below with the word “Lithium” and the story can be retold today. For Lithium is the Plastics or even Gold for today’s world of investing. This metal is being used in so many of the batteries we use today whether it be in our cell phones or cars we will drive and it is in shorter supplier everyday. That is why who ever is able to  pull out this metal from the earth whether it be in Europe or even Afghanistan will receive rewards well past the next remake and truly graduate to the next level of success.

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Opportunity Banged and …..

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door-of-opportunity  Opportunity Knocking 2

Yesterday there wasn’t a knock at the door but banging at several.  Where opportunities I had never seen before starting revealing their keys. Of course some of these doors might lead me into a fall but others might be shining bright. So which doors (below) should I choose or could there be another brighter door just to be opened?

(1) An extremely talented Film-maker approached me to help locate finish funds for a project that appeared to be at the seller’s door and was open to terms that could be a bonanza to my creative side as well as loved ones.

(2) Discussions were had with an individual who is friends with V.P. and how I might have my ideas step into the White House as well. I might actually put a shoe in or at least a lace.

(3) A wonderful manufacture appeared to be interested in creating new, high quality and unique Bud Rebel Products for the world to enjoy!!

(4) I met an individual who appeared to be well qualified to boost my social media presence to a whole new level and discussions are occurring.

(5) There appeared to be a new lawyer in my life that would actually negotiate with my pocketbook in mine.


My Womb… Store

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unborn baby Altered State

You spent 9 months in that womb and probably wouldn’t have left if you weren’t literally pushed out maybe it’s time to take another visit.  With My Womb…Store you will get to relive this experience with a few extra’s.  Yes you will float in a liquid similar to the one created oh when you you were a bit younger and hear a heartbeat as if you were still there but other exciting options that mom didn’t have will be offered. Options such as various lighting and sound experiences, machine flow water cycles and clothed or your birthday suit.  My Womb… Store  because it’s never too late to return home even if it is for a short visit.

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Car with Dent 1 Car with Dent 2

You want a car that is strong inside yet your budget is saying that the outside might not be so important then DENTACAR.COM is the place to go.  This website will certify that the internals of the car’s listed are running well even if it’s appearance might need a bit of a face lift.  It’s the perfect place to check for those new to the driving scene, those that are ready to run their car to the ground or those that are looking for a vehicle that takes them from place A to B without an extra stop to the bank. DENTACAR.COM for those that realize what is inside is really what counts.

Royal Health Care – You can live or can LIVE!!!

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ROYAL HEALTH CARE will be those who just don’t want to exist with their healthcare provide but LIVE!!!  These premium service will make sure you’re stay in the emergency room/hospital is 1st class from  best rated doctors in the industry, to the immediate concierge care/service you receive during your stay. The facilities you stay at will be extension of other hospitals but with their own private entrances and a staff ready, willing and able.   ROYAL HEALTH CARE for isn’t your life worth the extra expense?

FOOTNOTE-   The hospitals which affiliate with Royal Health Care will receive extra revenue from this service and be able to utilize those resources in some ways when a participate is not in need.


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pieces of puzzle business partner 2

You have the idea and some of the talent but you need another with the extra piece then it’s time to go to PARTNER.COM.    A matchmaking service for those in the business world who are looking to find that partner that will grow $$$$…..  with them.  You will tell the type of business you are looking to create the talents, $’s or time that you will bring to the table as  PARTNER.COM helps locate your fork/knife so you can finally enjoy the creation.  This partner of course can’t be guaranteed to bring in any Bacon but the deeper the research you are willing to do/pay at the site the better the grill.  PARTNER.COM for a good partner is important in your business success as well as personal life


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Tour Guide 2  Tour Guide 3

Whether you are going away for a day or several weeks it’s nice to have a tour guide who can show you the things you want to see with the knowledge that keeps you thinking “hmm”.   YOURTOURGUIDE.COM will provide you with such an individual who will let you experience the things you want without experiencing the pain in your wallet. With an initially survey that lays out your map goals and your financial constrains we will find that individual or group tour that meets your needs. Each tour guide/group will have a rating (below) so you won’t start with a blank slate. These tour experts will also have the ability to be certified so you can see their credentials before you land and/or drive.  YOURTOURGUIDE.COM because vacations are too short not to see it all with someone in the know. 

FOOTNOTE – It’s Rover for the travel industry.


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Milk Gold Colored MIlk

You can have your day to day Milk with your coffee or decide it’s time for REBELMILK instead.  Yes, REBELMILK will have the wholesome taste of Milk but with it’s added flavors it will just be a bit rebellious and the package will make you know it is.  Whether this Milk has delicious natural banana’s in it’s mixture or that extra taste of Cinnamon you will taste the difference in every cup.  REBELMILK  will take Milk to the rebellious side and it will be delicious! Milk Moustache 1

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