Heaven Discovered

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1/20/36 – 10AM- The Musk Space Module has proven that heaven exist after it’s journey through Black Hole J.  DNA samples of previously exhumed bodies have matched the human’s living on this earth type system.  The Musk Space Module could only conquer the atmosphere for 18 minutes before it com-busted in a burst of flames. Even though scientist had recently developed a hypothesis on what they would find with this journey to see it in the real world takes us to a whole different realm of existence. A realm which we have never been to before.

1/21/36- 10AM – After the discovery of “heaven” Church’s, Synagogues, Mosques and other places of worship have been full as people want to know more about whether their own particular faith will be able to take such a journey. There appears also to be a charity boom as individuals give up many of their possessions to help those less fortunate and work to help those in need maybe as an effort to insure their own journey.  Heaven seems like many galaxies away but now that it has been discovered people are bringing it home… at least today.

FOOTNOTE- What do you believe would occur if and or when this discovery is made?

Could Be True

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I awoke this morning in a different realm which I could be buried in the previous one. It was as if a new book was opened but on the same chapter. All the characters were the same and everything continued as if it was “supposed to”  but some patterns proved this wasn’t the case. A rare acquaintance who was not with us was suddenly bright and cheery well maybe not so cheery but at least her heart was pounding.  Little things led to this revelation as cars were parked perfectly this morning and socks with holes were suddenly patched.  Some might say alternate universes are occurring simultaneously yet I believe mine just began today…ish.  Maybe others go on a different journey to hell, heaven or rebirth but for me the story stays the same which at least leaves the burden of leaving beyond six feet under.

FOOTNOTE-Can you prove this isn’t the case?

Death & Life or Don’t Blame G-D

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heavenly gates in heaven 1

I’ve been dead for so long I’m starting to forget when I was alive well, technically. For death is more lively then life itself.  From the first moments you enter after a step in the hot stuff (depending on the path you took before) you are working like never before. You’re assigned a special task based on the skill set you’ve developed on earth so when people say G-D needed a carpenter trust me there is some remolding to do. Yes we are angels in someway trying to influence people to what we perceive is their chosen path and unlike G-D we get it wrong more often then you would expect which leaves it to G-D to straighten it out.  G-D can straighten out even the biggest mistakes we make as we see with the establishment of the United States and Israel.  Hey, it’s not all our fault you have the free will to make the final decision even if we have the wind blowing in a different direction.

FOOTNOTE- I’m still alive (I think) just giving you a different perspective on life and death that might be occurring right now and in our eternal future.

Chosen Path(s)

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Different Paths 2

Could all good humans be the chosen people(s) in one of the steps they take which another has walked across? Maybe their faith path appears more bumpy or crooked then ours but somehow leads to another part of the beautiful forest we can’t see from our route?  It is interesting that over 2 Billion people start out following the same path (Christian, Jews and Muslims) as our ancestors come from the same starting path and therein turn could the beginning be enough to get us to a good ending even if it might be at a different spot?  Some might appear to be chosen at one spot only to trip over another spot and then get back on their journey. In the end I believe if we follow these basic rules (below) our chosen peoples will come to the happy, peaceful ending we all earned.

(1) FAITH- Observe the route you’ve been given not forsaking it for fame, fortune or glory.

(2) RESPECT- Understand other journey’s might be quite different from yours and until you’ve heard it directly understand there is only one who can judge.

(3) SPEAK UP- Although you should respect others path it doesn’t give you an excuse to remain silent when you think it could hurt them at any phase. Speak up in a polite and understanding way that states your route without forcing anyone to take those steps by any means.

(4) FORGIVENESS- Forgive yourself and others for not walking or falling down.

(5) SEEK- See the goodness in others even those that are walking miles and miles away especially those who haven’t looked in the mirror.

(6) HUMBLE- Be confident enough to walk not walk over.

(7) PRAY- So you’re falls will only make you stronger, the path will be clearer, and others from all other routes will reach a happy, peaceful and successful ending.

Different Paths 2