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Suddenly they’ll listen to me all because I put this metal device in front of them. Yet just before I pulled it out it appeared they didn’t care at all.  I was nobody then and with this metal tool I’m somebody now ready to cut where I want.  Now they are full of empathy even it might seem a bit contrived at least I’m getting what I want …finally.  Well they should one mis-step and I’m going to kill them off. I’m the boss now and they must follow my every word and if I don’t like it they’ll have to do it again and again. I guess that’s why they call my camera the gun.

Alone In House

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POLICE OFFICER- So you’re saying you never heard anything? You were just alone in the house

BRAD- I heard things but I usually got home late at night and thought maybe I was imagining it.  I’ve had some mental health issues and….

POLICE OFFICER (Yells) There were satanic rituals occurring in your basement with chanting s and burning s  and you want us to believe this bullshit!

BRAD – (Crying) I’m sorry I thought it was a dream it’s a big house and I never really went downstairs except…

POLICE OFFICER- Except that night when you finally had enough and that is when you saw the blood splattered everywhere and nobody else was there.

BRAD-  There were those grotesque bodies and that one person who stared at me with the bluest of eyes from deep into the woods.

POLICE OFFICER-(YELLS) So you want us to believe they used your home and you never knew.

BRAD- Yes, I thought I was alone in my house.

Doomsday Clock Begins/Real Shutdown

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You have 10 hours to decide if you want to live or exist in the 17oo’s. For we electric engineers are about to shut off your electricity unless you agree to our demands (below) within said time period. Just in case you are thinking about utilizing your computer devices to save you from our attack our friends in the industry will change all your passwords within the hour and add viruses if you somehow figure them out.  You have neglected our brilliance while you casually just turn or plug  the power we have so carefully formulated and it’s time we get due respect. You of lower intellect can’t make correct decisions by yourself so we will make them for you   If any government official tries to interfere with our plans with some success we will shorten that timetable considerable. Those that decide correctly will be able to access their electrical devices when we allow while those that don’t agree will live in darkness and the cold for eternity.

(1) We will receive a 20 % tax for all electrical usage.

(2) Our power to decide what is best for you based our own intelligent s will not be questioned or usurped.

(3) All those who don’t agree to these demands will be considered traitors and be sent to re-education camps to understand their inferiority to us.

…..LATER ON- The Doomsday Clock has been stopped as a child blessed with autism was able to destroy their plans. Without them knowing she had memorized their formula’s as they ignored her presence.

FOOTNOTE- For those who believe such a blog post is dangerous to print because it brings bad ideas in the public. I say we need to think of such scenario’s/solutions in advance because those ideas in such minds might already be brewing. My mind can’t even get past turning on a switch.

Finally Over

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Bloody Knife

The harrassment finally stopped for I cut them out of your vocal cords! Some said I should get over it but I got over you and cut and cut until the pain was released. For words do matter and somethings shouldn’t be said by a person of your age to one of mine.  You thought I was “pretty” and even “sexy” well I think you look better in dripping blood.  So now you’re permanetly out of my head and I think others will learn to keep their mouth shut or I’ll cut it permanately instead.



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Jacqueline Ades

It you’re the type of person who truly can’t get enough of one person then STALKERCONNECTIONS.COM is just right for you.  If 64,999 texts after one date isn’t enough then maybe you need another stalker in your life instead.  Created by Jacqueline Ades this is a website that will have you both bringing  knife’s to each other’s house and taking that bath in their tub to make sure they won’t forget you. STALKERCONNECTIONS.COM finally a connection between those psycho’s that will leave the rest of us sane.