Shabbos Club- A Business Idea When Business Isn’t Done

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The “Shabbos Club” would give the more traditional members of the faith a chance to do something not so traditional and still remain Kosher to the highest standards. One would pay a monthly fee to join this club which would be within walking distance. This “Club” would allow one to feed farm animals, play the latest “kosher game” and/or just be the  middle ground with family/friends. The “Shabbos Club” would also be open during the weekdays to continue the F-U-N all week long and come with all the Kosher certification. Shabbos is serious but with “The Shabbos Club” it also will be loads of F-U-N.

You Can’t Always Get What You Want But

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You can’t always get what you want but when you do it’s amazing!!!  G-D is no genie that grants you every wish yet sometimes when one truly prays with their heart and soul answers are suddenly right in front of them.  For, those that don’t believe they will when the time is right and if the look through their clouds will see the full picture for what it is. Though one can’t always get what they want in the end they often get what they truly need especially when they least expect it.

Alone But True

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I walk a very lonely path as those that walk past seem to be having all the fun. Yet, I believe in my heart and soul this is what I’m called to do even the only who walks with me is my shadow. G-D knows I’m trying to stay steady but as another friend/family member dips their feet into these waters I wonder is it really that bad?  In a sense I hope their path is somewhat right as well even if it’s bumpier for I could be right yet still feel all alone.

FOOTNOTE- The truth can truly be a lonely rode. 

Yes Way – A Happy Ending-Spiritual Journey

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It’s not my time or place but the truth is you are not writing the script.  How could I get this part in life when there are so many more talented people, yet you are not the casting agent? The truth is we don’t know our parts in life and just when it seems we are written out we are standing on center stage. Moses according to the book was not the spokesperson of his time and was so humble it appeared leadership was out of his realm, yet G-D had an entirely different plan.  Your book is still being written so keep trying your best and leave the rest to the greatest author of all our lifetimes G-D and you’ll never know where the pages might turn.

Many Colors- A Faith Perspective & Political View

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For one to lead one must be able to wear a coat of many colors. The colors might appear very distinct and have their own pattern but the leader must be able to assemble them so they can continue to work together for the common good.  This doesn’t mean that a leader might not lean toward one color vs the other it just means that they have to be able to see some beauty in all the shades. For in the end, G-D has produced all these cues and therefore in one sense beauty is in the eye of a good leader.

Forgotten- A Philosophical Viewpoint

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One thing I think we all fear is being forgotten. Whether it be forgotten in the crowd, ignored when we truly need help, or gone from one’s mind after being 6 feet under.  This is not an unknown fear as Joseph was literally forgotten about by those who G-D knows should have remembered him. Yet, for those who trust in a loving G-D we know there is a deeper meaning than the hear and now. Transcending what we thought we left behind and finding crumbs that stay with others for lifetimes to come.  These crumbs we share might just save a life or bring comfort to a weakened heart . They are also crumbs that build into a whole new existence where new memories will be restored as we walk among the crowd again.

G-D’s Calculator

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Human hands would never touch this calculator because although they might know where to start the finish is way behind their capacity. Karma is a bitch but how that comes about might not appear on one’s road map until they hit a deer. Jacob appeared to have to use deceit to do what was his destiny yet that turn led to a bumpy road map with many falls along the way. It is possible that along this path called life one might take a turn that is right “in the moment” yet leads one down many a pothole. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they were entirely wrong just that a hire authority is doing the calculation.


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It is the separation from the world “we live in” and the actual world we put ourselves in.  Sometimes our barrier is so thick, tall, and strong that we just forget it is there and keep walking.    Other times we need someone to cut through a layer so we can peer through.  It’s scary to see a reality that is far from the distance we’ve been walking so many will try to not look at any of the cuts straight on and pretend the barrier still exists. Layers get built around the hole so over time the individual can hardly peer through again.   G-D knows though for those daring enough to break through starting on the 8th what they eventually see is out of this world!!!


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I left many a mark in a garden and now I’m right around your corner. The temptation isn’t in the actual act of sin but in believing you’ve already stepped too far.  Just letting you “feel”  it’s too late as you brushed against your tree why not taste its fruit as well? Keeping G-D’s redemption view far from your sight and instead trying to get you to fall deeper into the quicksand step by step.   I slither into your life trying to squeeze every ounce of hope away until you’re all mine.

The Song

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I write much about music because of how it touches one’s soul by finding a certain meaning/expression that was previously hidden inside. It’s just a touch of what is truly inside and for just for a moment but if one is privileged enough to hear the “song” everything suddenly makes sense. All the pain and difficulties one has experienced suddenly fit into a grander puzzle. Most will only hear that song upon G-D’s gates but the Israelites were able to hear pieces throughout their journey to the homeland.  May the time come soon when this song is heard throughout the world as peace, prosperity, and love is truly the sound we absorb

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