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If you’re like me you sometimes forget to press the send button on many a text or email that is it until TEXTREMINDERAPP is developed. This App will remind the possible sender that text and emails are still in draft mode and need their permission to send to the world or just their friend.  The reminder can be sent to you once an hour once a day or whenever you would like and will also allow you to exclude messages in your draft boxes after your desired time.  TEXTREMINDERAPP will also have small advertisements that will pop up with such a reminder.   With TEXTEMINDERAPP  we can’t guarantee that you won’t forget your keys but at least you’ll have the sent the messages that might open many a door.


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Remember the good old days when a loved one would  make sure you’re eyes were truly shut. Well those days can begin again with BEDTIME where a new loved one can tell you the stories, get you the warm milk/cookies and tuck you in even as your bed has gotten a bit older. These individuals can even come as celebrity impersonators to make your dreams even more special.  BEDTIME.COM/APP would allow you to pick just the right person that would allow you or loved one to truly sleep like a baby…again.


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JUSTFRIENDS.COM/APP is the website that proves 3 isn’t a crowd when it comes to friends.  When you want to grab a bit more of life but don’t know who wants to grab it with you JUSTFRIENDS.COM/APP will locate those special people with no strings attached. Fill out a basic survey about yourself, what you’re looking for in a friend as well as the where/when and we’ll find the perfect buddy to go with you.  JUSTFRIENDS.COM/APP because life needs more friends.



Pepe Stink

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You stink

As long as you can speak the new “PEPE STINK” will make it smell all better.  For this device will send out a beautiful fragnant smell upon your command “PEPE STINK” saves the atmosphere around you. Designed in several different formats including a carry on a PEPE STINK will spray a fragrance that allows you to breathe easier or with at least less odor.  With several different smells to choice from you will be able to smell the world in a whole different light/nose.  It’s time you’re not only in charge of seeing and hearing things but smelling things as well with PEPE STINK that will be possible.



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waiting in lineWaiting in Line

You want to go to that “hot restauarant” but you don’t want to sweat to get there then let QUIETTIME.COM/APP find your spot.  This website/App will find just the right time for you to go to your favorite store, restaurant, club or event that isn’t as popular with the public so you don’t have to wait and wait.  It will enable you to enjoy the good things in life without having to waste good time doing so.  Just tell QUIETTIME.COM/APP the place you want to go and it will send you an alert when it is the best time to take that visit.  QUIETIME.COM/APP  because your time is more valuable then waiting and waiting.

FOOTNOTE- This is a concept which I can’t wait to see in the real world.

whileyouwait.com / App

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Waiting in Line waiting in line

The lines in life are way to long that is why whileyouwait.com/App  needs to be developed. This one App/Website will keep you busy with fun and important stuff that needs to be done while others around you or standing and/or sitting doing nothing.  It will keep track of the items of entertainment and/or business that you normally do when you are on the go and put them at your finger tips when you’re standing still. Just a simple question that can be expanded will help insure your time waiting is as productive and fun as can be in one simple website/app.   With whileyouwait.com/App waiting will be fun and productive like never before. 


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Snotty AttitudeAlexa 1

Sometimes one needs a bit of “attitude” in their life and with ALEXA ATTITUDE app you will get your share.  Instead of Alexa acting as some genie giving your wish of music or content upon your command this APP would allow her to give another suggestions based on your particular likes or what she thinks you should like.  This App wil also allow her to comment on your choice or in other words give you some lip if she feels it’s a poor choice.  With ALEXA ATTITUDE, Alexa will be free to say what she/he really thinks even if you don’t like it and challenge you like any free person in your life would. Don’t worry it’s not a blind date because you get to choose the attitude that you want in your life such as bad ass, to royality and can change it upon your command.  ALEXA ATTITUDE because sometimes we really don’t know what’s good for us or like the challenge of such. 

FOOTNOTE- Would you add this to your life or would you be afraid of what could be said.


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alive-3 alive-1

6 MONTHS will be the show that allows people to go for “everything” as if there is only 6 months left to do it.  In some cases this might be a doctor’s verdict in others it will be based on the shot of a dream. 6 MONTHS a show about living each day as if there might not be a tomorrow for who really knows what tomorrow will bring.

Custom Pillow

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Scientific Experiment Can't Sleep 3

While they are trying to invent just the right mixture why don’t we invent just the right pillow, with CUSTOM PILLOW we surely will.  Just as a tailor makes sure that suit is just right for you’re one day on the road a custom pillow expert will tailorize your pillow to all your visits to the Sandman. Insuring that you have a sleep that feels right just for you.  CUSTOM PILLOW might be a bit more then your standard feathers but with the amount of valuable time you spend sleeping shouldn’t it be. CUSTOM PILLOW it’s time for a pillow that gives you the time and pleasure of shut eye.

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