The Greatest Story Never Told**M**

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There is no way I should be alive today!!! After the speed I was going and the sudden incredible impact any scientist would say that I should be ashes by now. Yet, somehow I’m not only breathing but in full recovery mode. This must be an alternate universe that I’m in and I’m going to spend every moment of my “new existence” to find out the truth even if it….

There is no way I should be alive today!!! After the speed I was going and the sudden incredible impact any scientist would say that I should be buried 6 feet under. G-D must have had a bigger plan than this scientific mind could ever understand. Now that I’ve been given a second chance I’m going to spend every moment of my existence to mend the wounds that I’ve brought on loved ones from my previous arrogance and attitude. Maybe then I’ll deserve to understand the truth and effect the realm(s) with love and happiness.


The Last

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She was the last image I saw before I started this journey, and I didn’t even know her. Standing next to me in a nurse’s uniform she looked at me with angel eye’s and said, “It’s okay don’t be afraid” as I tried to mouth a response. I’m not even sure whether she was earthly or sent with a halo all I know is in the end I felt reassured of a new beginning as my eyes closed from this view for the last time. All those people I expected to be there were nowhere to be found even as my name was edged on Grauman’s theater.  I guess one can’t know who their last image will be I’m just hoping that this one is the same for those that are destined to walk these stairs. For now, I’m truly at peace even as I don’t know her name.

Cheesecake Debate- A Philosophical Debate

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Will this extra slice of Cheesecake be the final straw that puts an end to tasting everything or will I give it up only to be hit by a bus?  In other words is my time destine for a certain period or will some “fun” action move the date up?  Cheesecake might not be over the top but that discount medicine bought online could be especially with the lacing going on. We don’t know if our time to come home is set on a star or can move like the sunrise all I know is that an extra slice of Cheesecake means an extra lap on the track.

Cheat? A Story- Where Life Swims Away

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I went too deep in the water which led me to a whole new existence so did I cheat? Mermaid land had it all and I mean all, especially for a newly single man in this sphere. There was no way I was going to escape so why not enjoy the stay right?  Well, out of the blue a storm destroyed my mermaid paradise and now I’m on this lousy shore never to reveal what happened down there to the one who carries my ring. That is unless somehow little mermaids pop up calling me dad.

30 days

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It’s been 30 days since one of these has been in use and the world may never be the same.  The funeral business is dead literally with layoff’s all over the place from morticians to grave diggers.  Social Security payments appear to be coming short as individuals in the 90’s are starting to look for employment and those trips to see Grandma & Grandpa seem delayed as well.  Life without death has caused many to put off writing those wills and ignoring their bucket list.  Many religious are awaiting for their Messiah to arrive while others see the pews less full as their after life can wait a bit longer.  How long this will last nobody knows but we can say for sure is many have not made this the best days of their life.

Life Location

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Whether this baby lives or dies is not based on viability anymore but location. If born in a state which believes that her location shouldn’t matter she will live but in states that decide elsewhere her heart beat can be cut short. Location matters also on whether such a child is promoted to live or die for one born in a depressed area is much likely to see the knife then one born in a wealthy area.  Location, location, location I knew it would effect people’s life’s I just didn’t know it would effect whether they would actually live or die.

Could Have

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thinking 1

Here I’m kneeling on the edge as horrible thoughts enter of what I could have done. Times that I could have reached out to him/her with a simple kind word of empathy that could have prevented …..  Words I could have spoken to inspire greatness instead of medocrity in myself and one’s I should have loved more.    Thoughts enter of premonitions that I ignored thinking who am I to act only to see the despicable action occur on my clock.  Here I’m kneeling and G-D willing these thoughts will stop for death isn’t as peaceful as it seems.

It’s for YOU

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one drop of blood STABBING KNIFE

Your parents have ordered me to protect you  and that is what I’ve done even at the cost of my own life.  Whether you realize it or not there were others who meant to do your wrong or lead you down a path of destruction. Therefore, they needed to be a taught a lesson that there was no way they could forget and if they were stupid enough not to remember well then they needed to be permanetly out of life.  Protection is the service I provide and there is know one I will let harm you even yourself.

FOOTNOTE- Not a true story or is it!

Death & Life or Don’t Blame G-D

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heavenly gates in heaven 1

I’ve been dead for so long I’m starting to forget when I was alive well, technically. For death is more lively then life itself.  From the first moments you enter after a step in the hot stuff (depending on the path you took before) you are working like never before. You’re assigned a special task based on the skill set you’ve developed on earth so when people say G-D needed a carpenter trust me there is some remolding to do. Yes we are angels in someway trying to influence people to what we perceive is their chosen path and unlike G-D we get it wrong more often then you would expect which leaves it to G-D to straighten it out.  G-D can straighten out even the biggest mistakes we make as we see with the establishment of the United States and Israel.  Hey, it’s not all our fault you have the free will to make the final decision even if we have the wind blowing in a different direction.

FOOTNOTE- I’m still alive (I think) just giving you a different perspective on life and death that might be occurring right now and in our eternal future.

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