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The pictures look great but what is inside is truly what matters and that is why DNA DATING will be the site you’ll have to go to. For not only will we look at algorithm to find that perfect person for you but also the strands that make us truly who we are.  Questions will be asked that will help us determine which DNA Profile you are looking for and we can expand our search (for an additional fee)  and collaborate with Ancestory.com to see if their history has the right profile as well. DNA DATING for those who really want to make sure their match is right outside and in.


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The problem with many singles websites is a picture only is skin deep yet with SPEEDATING.COM/APP you’ll at least have an introduction.  For this website/app will allow the user to hear some actual words of said person and listen or skip to the next if they’ve had enough.  Each profile will be vetted to make sure the content is PG-13 and clients can also be verified to insure that it is true.  SPEEDATING.COM/APP because people’s appearance is more then just looks.


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Remember the good old days when a loved one would  make sure you’re eyes were truly shut. Well those days can begin again with BEDTIME where a new loved one can tell you the stories, get you the warm milk/cookies and tuck you in even as your bed has gotten a bit older. These individuals can even come as celebrity impersonators to make your dreams even more special.  BEDTIME.COM/APP would allow you to pick just the right person that would allow you or loved one to truly sleep like a baby…again.


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Most dating sites try to match people up in the ideal situation when reality states relationships require work so why not start out that way?  DATEWORK.COM/APP is such a service where your 1st date will be at the work site. Whether it be volunteering at a soup kitchen or digging a ditch DATEWORK.COM/APP will make sure that your special person is there for you through the work time as well as the play time.  DATEWORK.COM/APP, for relationships that are meant to last must start out with the basics of working together. 


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JUSTFRIENDS.COM/APP is the website that proves 3 isn’t a crowd when it comes to friends.  When you want to grab a bit more of life but don’t know who wants to grab it with you JUSTFRIENDS.COM/APP will locate those special people with no strings attached. Fill out a basic survey about yourself, what you’re looking for in a friend as well as the where/when and we’ll find the perfect buddy to go with you.  JUSTFRIENDS.COM/APP because life needs more friends.




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PDS.COM/APP will help you find that special person based on the personality that matches your puzzle piece. For example extroverts should probably be with someone who is willing to listen from the background.  PDS = Personality Dating Service will require you to take a personality test before you look at any pictures and then select the closest correct candidates who would fill in your “blank”. PDS will be based on actually psychological test and utilize certain questions to make sure you are being truly honest with the type of person you are.  PDS.COM/APP because there is a person behind that picture.

FREEBOOK.COM- YOU should be in charge

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FREEBOOK.COM isn’t it time you’re in charge of your social media not Uncle Zuckerberg.  At FREEBOOK.COM you will be receiving and sending content to only those “type of people” you want to associate with the criteria you set up. You can filter it down to just people with the same last name as you or open it up to the whole world it’s all up to you.  At this social media site you can basically say whatever you want the only exclusion is for words of direct acts of violence.  If you’re philosophy, faith or just way of life is a bit more limiting then others then you can filter the types of content you receive and the type you want filtered out by an algorithym you basically set up. Or if you want certain people to receive your content before others then that will also be an option as well. Of course you can also block any person you want for any reason or no reason at all.  FREEBOOK.COM because in a free society the only one who should limit speech is you. 





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Wife Cooking 2 Classy

If you’re looking for a more traditional classic romance then CLASSIC.COM is where you would need to be. This website allows individuals to find the relationship that respects the traditional roles of a husband and wife with a few modern tweaks including respect and most importantly  love.  CLASSIC.COM because good strong relationships never go out of style.

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