Starbuck’s Philadelphia- Thoughts to consider

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Starbucks Philadelphia Starbucks 2

Here are some thoughts (below) on the incident where two African American’s were arrested at Starbucks for “unlawful trespassing” that you probably won’t hear anywhere else.

(1) REALLY-  Is there nothing better to do with Philadelphia police time then arrest individuals for loitering at the worst?  Couldn’t these Officers had a private conversation with said individuals and even by them a coffee to make Starbucks and the police force look good instead of silly.

(2) ORDER 1ST- When you go to a restaurant to wait for a friend order something. I know Starbucks is expensive but you’ve chosen that place as your meeting place  so buy something for they are in business to make $ although this incident will cost them a whole lot more in bad publicity.

(3) SMILING-  I’ve never seen an individual look so happy being arrested. Maybe because he’s thinking of the payday ahead. From paid television interviews across the networks to a nice lawsuit that will be settled by Starbucks with a whole lot of zero’s at the end.

(4)  LOSS OF $$’S-   Unless the manager has some footage we are not seeing of some type of harassment, he should have thought about the long term losses vs the short term coffee.

(5) STARBUCKS APOLOGY TOUR-  It will becoming to an African American neighborhood near you.


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