Stormy Daniels Interview- 60 MInutes What we learn

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Stormy Daniels 5

What are the actual facts we learn from the Stormy Daniels that we all can agree on?

(1) A married man shouldn’t be alone with a beautiful woman in a hotel especially if she is adult star.

(2) If you ignore the advise of line 1 come clean ASAP with all the facts for time heals most “things”

(3)  Maybe prostitution should be legal after all.

(4) Stormy Daniels is beautiful.

(5)  60 Minutes isn’t a big fan of President Trump.

(6) Non-Disclosure forms aren’t effective when you’re President of the United States because there are more opportunities in telling whatever truth gives you the greatest opportunities.

(7) Stormy Daniels doesn’t like the President and wants to hurt his Presidency even if his family as well as the country are hurt as well.

(8) Mrs. Daniels might not be the best person to tell a secret too.

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